I love riding my bike. I love blueberries. I do not love the CTO brace that I wear to stabilize my fractured cervical and thoracic vertebrae. I have been thinking about starting a blog, and have been encouraged by several people to start one that relates to my recent mountain bike accident, and my recovery. I do think it will be good for me, and I’m not really concerned with who may read this and who doesn’t. I have been somewhat reluctant, honestly because when I actually think about my accident and the specifics and details, I feel ill. I am sure some day I will be able to think about it more, but for the time being I will blog mostly about things in the present. So bear with me, as the timeline of this blog may be non-sequential. Since being released from the hospital I have spent some time online seeking guidance, advice, etc from anyone in a similar situation as myself. I came up with little. I hope this blog is therapeutic for me, and perhaps it might be helpful to another unfortunate soul in a similar situation to mine.


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  1. Just finished reading, Nikki. It’s hard to know what to say to people who have experienced trauma of any kind. Most of the words I can come up with still seem to fall short of empathy, or a true understanding of what you are going through. But I DO want to comment. Your honest, courageous and hopeful blog deserves it. So this: Helmets save lives, braces look like torture – no matter what, knitting builds on an age-old tradition of self-sufficiency expressed creatively – so carry on! And dogs are awesome companions. I wish I could pop over and visit. Can’t though. So I’ll be reading your blog. And cheering you on from Norway. Do keep writing!


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