I feel obliged to do a “what I’m thankful post”. So here I go… I really am thankful for a lot of things. I think (hope) I have been pretty clear how much I appreciate my friends and family especially during this difficult time. Everyone has been so understanding, generous, kind, and loving. The walks, the visits, food, time spent, rides, laughs, crafts, listening, movies, distractions, quiet company… I could go on and on. I have some really amazing people in my life and I have never been more aware of that than I have been over the past few months.

I am thankful that my family was able to travel down here to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. We had a really nice visit. We spent Thanksgiving day at Pam and Randy’s with their family and Regan and Jamen joined as well. It was perfectly relaxed and all of the food was amazing. We had a really nice time. My parents and I black Friday “shopped” for a new storm door which I thought would be a quickish and easy project for my dad. 1.5 days later, and much help from Tracy, the door was in. They are awesome. BTW, do not believe the “45 minutes installed!” claim when purchasing a new storm door. It looks great, it’s full glass which poor Kelty tried to run right through the evening they installed it. I told her not to drink all of that bourbon before she went outside…Don’t worry, she’s fine!

We toured Alltech and Town Branch on Saturday which was a lot of fun, and then Ethereal opened that day as well so we decided to drive down the street and check it out for one drink. It was starting to get crowded and we were getting a little hungry. I was paying my tab as Cate and Doug walked up. We decided to stay and eat Thai and Mighty and Brendan, Kristy, and Steve showed up as well. It was a fun night hanging out with my parents and sister and friends. I was starting to worry that my friends were realizing that Tracy is indeed the cooler sister so I made her go home with me early. It’s pretty exciting to think about the next time I will see my family I will be out of my brace some! Some days it seems really soon, and others it still feels like an eternity away. But this is a thankful blog so let’s try to keep it positive!

Today’s list of things I’m thankful for in addition to my friends and family:

  • knitting
  • Kelty
  • books
  • podcasts
  • being able to walk
  • blueberries
  • going to the gym
  • the internet
  • having a job to go back to
  • coffee

That’s definitely not exhaustive, but it’s a good start šŸ™‚

New shoes and overnight blueberry french toast. I think my new shoes really bring out the fancy in my pants:


Thanksgiving at Pam and Randy’s. Mom, Dad, Jamen, Regan, Pam, The Gravy Girl, and The Beer Guy doing their things. I got a little fancy with the pumpkin pie. The things you do when your back is broken… And Faro! YUM!



Alltech and Town Branch:

IMG_4341 IMG_4342 IMG_4343

Ethereal Brewery. It’s in the Old Pepper Distillery, and word is that Fork in the Road and Crank and Boom dessert lounge will be opening there soon as well. Ā TheĀ Wanderlust IPA was very good!



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