I have never paid attention to my sneeze frequency until I broke my back. I sneezed for the first time 3 weeks after my accident. It hurt like a b!*@$. I sent my friend Cate a text to complain about it. This started the following conversation about sneezing:

Me “Omg. First sneeze since the accident :(”

Cate: “Yikes! Those are the worst because you can’t do anything about it.”

Me: “It’s also pretty amazing that I haven’t sneezed in 3 weeks…”

Cate: “I sneeze regularly. I wonder how often people sneeze over a given period of time.”

Me: “New research project for me!” Cate: “I’ll google it!”

Me: “Um, there’s not much research on sneeze frequency”

Cate: “Now you’ll have to conduct your own research!”

Me: “I will. I can’t use myself. I think I may be an outlier”

Cate: “I think you’re right. I don’t know that I have ever gone 3 weeks without sneezing.”

Me: “Maybe I broke my sneezer in my accident as well”

This started our research project. Which consisted of counting our sneezes and texting each other when it happened. I also consulted with another great mind, my sister. I have had 5 full sneezes and 4 almost sneezes since September 10th. According to the standard (Tracy and Cate) this is incredibly low. They both sneeze much more frequently and as often as 3 sneezes in one sitting! Well, if there is ever a time to be grateful for having a low sneeze frequency this is it!  😉



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