Hail No

It is a dreary rainy Monday. I managed to have a rather good day despite the gloomy weather. It was a slow morning as usual, and my back spasms were no worse than they have been any other day. Even though I walked a total of 3 miles yesterday. It felt really good to be outside . My pain was no worse, but I was really tired in the evening. A walk today was pretty much out of the question, and it even hailed this afternoon.

I have been practicing knitting with what my sister taught me, and videos online, and with a loom and I have decided that needle knitting at this point in my life may not be for me. I do, however, like the idea of knitting and having something to do with my hands so I decided to buy another loom. I kept messing up my stitches with the needles and I don’t know how to fix it. Also, I hurt my left wrist in the accident and after a while it starts to hurt to hold the needle. The loom is much easier on my wrist, and I can do it at a table or on my lap in the recliner, where with the needles I had to rest my elbows on the table. I like the idea of having projects.  As trivial as knitting may be, it feels like I am being somewhat productive. Give or take 3 months of not being able to work is going to be a challenge.

My friend came to wash my hair this afternoon. I think we are getting close to perfecting our technique, and we had a very nice visit. I am so glad that people are still coming to visit. At this point I can go out  a tiny bit, but I really enjoy people coming to the house. A wonderful meal (via our meal train that was set up by my dear friend) was delivered to our house in spectacular fashion. It was like having a personal chef in our home. Eggplant appetizers with horseradish, butternut squash soup with homemade sourdough croutons, collard greens with tomatoes, rice, sweet potato mash, fresh bakery rolls. It was incredible. I am humbled by the time and energy spent on these meals that come 3 times per week. There has been no need to go to the grocery store. I am a lucky girl.

Learning how to loom

Learning how to loom

photo (12)

Getting somewhere

The Meal!

The Meal!


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