It is a pretty weird feeling to be almost completely dependent on others. Even when I broke my hand in May I adapted, and figured out how to do most things by myself.  In this case, I have no other choice. There are so many things that I simply cannot do.  Many of these things are so simple and not thought about when you are healthy and able, become giant time consuming obstacles.

I do fight it on occasion, and try to do more things than I should…maybe more than occasionally. I am aware that the worst possible thing for me at this time would be a fall, so I am working on being more compliant, and accepting help. It is truly amazing how many things people have offered to help with. I hope I have been gracious enough to everyone who has contributed. I have had my hair washed, my back massaged, my fingernails have been painted.  My house is being cleaned as I am typing. The housekeeping was funded by donations from friends and family. My bike is stored away, somewhere.  I think it is at Cate and Doug’s house but I am really not sure. Wonderful meals upon meals are brought to my house. I have been taught how to knit. I have had errands run for me, and my brace changed every morning and every night. Work! My job is being picked up every day by the 5 radiologists that I work for. I could go on and on about the tasks, favors, time spent, and energy spent by my friends and family.  People are truly amazing.  I feel like I could never repay everyone for what has been done for me.


Awkwardly learning how to knit… or pearl.


Tracy sewing me some modified shirts that are easier to change under my brace


More awkward knitting


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